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Re: Apology, Pt. 2 (the reservations)

Earlier, IMRallyist@aol.com wrote:
> I am APPALLED at the responses I have gotten from this situation.  The
> 'gentler' ones have been on quattro, but some of what I got sent to me at
> work were disgusting.

    Talk about a thin skin!

    After sending this tripe to the list eight [8] times, he's bothered by
    the responses!  HA!

    I sent him one suggesting his sysadmin ought to kick him off the
    system.  In the same email I sent about 3000 lines of junk FAQ off
    of rec.motorcycles - and suggested that if he posted another copy
    I was going to set up a cron job to mail him the attached (3000+ lines)
    every 10 minutes ... sheesh!  Instead of talking about it, I probably
    should have just done it!  :-)

    I'll bet some of the other stuff he got was even better reading ...

> IMRALLYIST@AOL.COM (please don't use my work address.  I just found out it's
> unreliable.)

    And may become even more so if this keeps up  :-)

    Seriously - we ALL ought to try to minimize the unnecessary bandwidth
    on this list.  It's got some good stuff, but I regularly think about
    unsubscribing because of the non Audi / non technical blather.

    My appologies to all on the quattro list for this one.

    - Charlie

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