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High CO2

     My wife took the 200 TQW IA Stage I for MD emission inspection
     yesterday. After tailpipe testing at idle, the inspector said
     the car failed, no reason given. He asked if the car was warm,
     told her to shut down the A/C, radio, run it at 3000RPM for a
     bit, then back to idle, and it passed. However, CO2 was above
     the standards (So why did it pass? I don't know).

     Here are the test results:

     ITEM      HC         CO       NOx       CO2
     STANDARD  220/PPM    1.2PCT   N/A      6.0pct
     RESULT     41/PPM    O.23PCT  N/A     16.5pct

     The car runs fine, no symptoms, except that it is not as fast
     as Mike Spier's IA Stage II 5000CS Quattro :-(.
     But it is plenty fast :-).

     Can anyone make sense of this?

     Tom F.
     90 200 TQW IA Stage I
     90 VW Syncro Westie