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Re: Extrude hone

  Extrude-hone requires removal of the intake/head/exhaust/trubo from the
  engine, so it's not so simple. 5-cylinder parts run around ~$400-700 per
  part if memory refresh is working at all these days, so it's not cheap
  either! One can get a better price by working with a shop that gets the
  shop discount from Extrude-Hone Vs the "over the counter" end-looser
  price. They do match the ports and flow-test the parts before and after,
  so you do get what you pay for labor-wise. My engine builder has not yet
  decided if he wants to EH any of the parts for the KuQEFH project. We
  wait and wait and wait and wait....... Oh, I've given up on having the
  new engine installed before the snow flies, so I bit the bullet and
  installed the new alt, starter and oil-cooler lines so I could again
  drive the ur-Q, although still with a cracked exh manifold, but it runs
  GREAT and I'm back in the saddle again!