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Re: Voodoo Speedo redo ...

... too bad to hear that the fix doesn't.  I do believe that you are on the 
right track though Robert.  I haven't seen the entire dash unit so I don't 
know if it is likely that the PC board will shake, but the problem may still 
be one of a bad connection.  If there is a lot of vibration in that area for 
some reason (like the road you drive to work :) eventually the connectors 
can work loose again even with the pins.  I'm tempted to remove those silly 
long pins and replace them with a true pin-in-socket connector with a hous-
ing, probably even one with gold contact surfaces.  

I still have not received a '89 200 wiring diagram for the speedo & sending 
unit, so Mike's speedo is still sitting on my bench.  Dave Lawson will fax 
me copies from his fiche when he has a chance to make them.  I'm trying to 
think of a way that I can see the gauge cluster in the flesh to work some-
thing out.  I'll try some local wrecking yards, but feedback in the past 
has been the 200s are pretty rare in the yards.  Maybe I can go see Linda
@Carlsen ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... well since this message does have a bit of quattro content perhaps I 
can make a side comment about the repeated message issue of yesterday.  I 
think that you did an excellent job in your earlier message Bob.  At first 
I sent a discrete request to the listmeister, but later I got caught up in 
the frustration and sent the totally spurious message suggesting a e-mail 
bomb.  That was not something I should have done, and will not do so in the 
future ...  I think that there is a lot of pent up anxiety on this list 
about losing the quality when the "word" gets out, but I believe that here 
is a case that shows us that we can do a pretty good job of screwing up 
the list ourselves.  I think that we should adopt a less aggressive ap-
proach ... I don't know if Hr. Simoes was bombarded with requests, and I 
don't know what can and can't be done with the list server, but in the 
future if someone is spamming the list, I think the discrete request to 
the list admin is the appropriate response ...