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Re: my new A4

>   i just purchased a new A4, i am very happy with the car so far...only 500
> miles. I would like some info on engine performance mods, and info on
> lowering the car (eibach is making a spring i have heard), especially how
> this would effect the AWD and the 4 link front suspension.....oh yeah, on my
> warranty....so give me the juice on my new baby, please!

When I lowered my car (and also installed hi-perf struts) I also got all 
the wheels aligned. Right now I don't have any problems with it -- it 
drives great.

For AWD, I donno if lowering will cause extra (unpredicted) stress. As 
for engine mods, the 2.8 V6 been around for long time now, so if there's 
a performance mod for it, it may (or may not) work in your A4.

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