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Re: Chip for A4 + factory Recall

You wrote: 
>Hi Mike:
>        I bought an A4 Quattro a month ago and am enjoying it. I'm 
looking for 
>performace CHIP upgrade as well, I've talked to INTENDED ACCELERATION 
>Ned doesn't seem to have anything for the A4. Another source you may 
want to try
>is "Total Audi Performace".  They claim they can add another 22hp to 
>engine, but
>I haven't had a chance to talk to them. So, if you don't mind, please 
>them and let
>me know.  Their phone # is :904-683-300.
>        I've got a call from the Audi dealership yesterday for a 
>recall on replacing
>the headlight lens, they say it will crack under some conditions, so 
>out for that
>phone call from your Audi dealership.
A couple of people had some negative comments on TAP recently.  What's 
the story on these folks.  their brochure is pretty unimpressive.