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Re: Automotive Consultant comments about AWD

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, Psychos 'R Us wrote:
> I think this is what majority of people think -- AWD's property can be 
> emulated through some electronic gizmo on 2WDers. I remember when 
> Electronic Traction Control became available -- some of my friends said 
> it's another "death nail" for AWD (some even said AWD is now obsoleted by 
> ETC). **Gag!**

just ask people to consider the inverse case:  would you be satisfied
with 2 wheel braking and ABS only or would you rather have 4 wheel
braking? (let's leave ABS out of the 4WB analogy for now).  almost
nobody will take 2 wheel braking.  yet how much of the stopping that
we routinely do can be adequately handled by 2 wheel braking and ABS?
most of it, since front wheels handle 70% of the work.

it is completely illogical that individuals who insist on 4 wheel braking
(and with ABS too, dammit!) will also vehemently reject the notion of 4
driven wheels.  yet you and i know that the contradiction lives in
most american buyers today.  if 4 wheel drive is unnecessary, expensive,
complicated, etc etc etc, wouldn't these charges also apply to 4 wheel

what people want is rarely dictated by analytical thought.  mostly
it is dictated by flashy marketing, and the corrupt media with almost
zero desire to educate its audience.

the A4Q, for what it's worth, has traction control on both axles.
i wonder how long it would take for these "experts" to figure it