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RE: Speed/Odo problems.

I posted a note a several days ago about the odo stopping at 84999 (when I 
went off the deep end and had to be restrained)
I wonder how many have had this same problem???  Lets take a pole!  maybe 
get a recall.  say... Audi might have to replace all the odos since 1980 
they'll face bankruptcy... be forced to bribe all of us to keep this little 
secret quiet...WE'LL BE RICH forcing the AUDI gods to be kind and benevolent 
to us...our cars won't break down anymore
DOC.  your back...no I must get this posted....STOP!!
From: quattro-owner
To: quattro
Subject: Speed/Odo problems.
Date: Thursday, October 19, 1995 1:41PM

;My speedometer works fine, but the ododmeter, on '84 4ks, is intermittent,
;I thought these were on the same cable???  When I asked
;another mechanically inclined individual with an Audi (oblig.)
;he mentioned a portion of the cable that is only connected via
;some friction connection (ie two disc's of some sort)

;Does my ododmeter have a clutch or a dynaflow? *grin*  Any
;ideas folks?

Our family has owned 3 Audi's.  I've owned 2 of them, and on both, the odo
quit even though the speedo continued to work ok.  It seems to do it when
there are lots of 9's, and it has to roll over lots of digits.  On the last
one, there was a gear that turned a shaft via a "friction" fit, which
evidently didn't have enough "friction" to turn all the digits.  Mine is
dead now, so I'll have 89999 miles forever!

 - Mitch