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Re: Plug shields/long cranking/rough idle...

>Rough idle...
>My '84 4000q has been suffering from a bit of a rough idle lately.  It
>occurs when the car is fully warmed up and has been idling for more
>than about 30 seconds or so.  Listening at the tailpipe, it sounds
>like a bit of a miss.  Off idle it runs fine, with no hint of a miss.
>I've checked for vacuum leaks and can't see anything wrong there.  It
>probably needs a new cap and rotor, but I think that would affect high
>speed operation more.  The O2 sensor has been in there quite a

I had the exact symptoms in my 86 5kcs, and a new set of wires cured it.
Very lately there have been threads on this on how to check your wires,
I used the "lift the hood in the middle of the night and check for fireworks"
test. Works well for me.


Joel Richardson