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Re: Audi A4 Power

> > Since there's already new 3.7 V8 for for A8, why not put that into the 
> > A6?
> but there's no way a V8 is going to fit inside an A4 engine compartment.
> i don't think that even the straight 5 would fit... it looked pretty
> cramped with just the V6.. (the mechanic here was already bitching
> luck a stuck pig)

Well, the way I look at it...

  A8  4.2 V8 quattro
      3.7 V8 FWD
      4.2 V8 bi-turbo quattro (whoa! "S8" !!!???)

  A6  3.7 V8 quattro
      xxx V6 DOHC FWD
      2.2 I5 turbo quattro (yeah, "S6")      

  A4  xxx V6 DOHC quattro
      1.8 I4 turbo quattro (uh... "S4"?)
      2.8 V6 FWD

Personally, I think the 2.8 SOHC V6 really has to go. It's power output 
is so abysmal to move so much of (Audi) car that it's embarrasing Audis 
to a lot of competitors out there. Audi really needs to get A8 and some 
other exotics (RS2, etc.) to make it clear that Audi is at the same level 
as BMW and MB, not Honda (Acura) or Toyota (Lexus) -- or VW.

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