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Re: Now looking for a V8

  eliot, whose shift key seems to be broken, writes:

 EL> yes, the V8 has the same hydraulics as the 5000's.  lots of things to 
 EL> look for... i'll get into that in a bit... i may be putting my car
 EL> up for sale in a couple of months tho... salesman BS aside,
 EL> it is mechanically 100% perfect.  one or two dings, a repaired
 EL> windshield ding, no cracked lights.  paint is still pretty good
 EL> but swirl marks are visible.  you won't find a V8 in better shape
 EL> than mine.  the dealer here is always asking me to trade it because
 EL> they want it real bad...  

     Maybe won't find one in Seattle, but my V8's immaculate,
     with no swirl marks on the Pearl Paint.  (couldn't resist)

 EL> the only hitch is: 1) you may not be living in seattle 2) i am
 EL> not giving the car away.

     Distance doesn't matter when one is in pursuit of the 
     mighty V8. And why not give it away....as long as the
     insurance company pays full book..cough..wink wink.
 EL> mine's burgandy with tan leather, 84K miles, upgraded trans software,
 EL> regular non-UFO brakes, NAK stereo w/ original Bose speakers, new
 EL> dash with working miles-to-empty gauge.... 

     I don't know if it was ever posted, but is there any way to
     know if the car has had the software upgrade?

     There is also something else I've wondered about, when I was in 
     Italy (well Sicily, not Italy according to the relations) I 
     was looking through the owners manual/spec sheet of the
     euro V8.  The 3.6 V8 is listed at 280HP! (206 kW) Why is the 
     US version only putting out 240HP?  The car is a 1989, so there
     was no 4.2L available. From looking the car over, it looked like 
     it had all the same equipment as the US version.  This one was
     also a stick, which is more fun than God intended man to have
     on this earth. (Forget the Autobahn, I was cruising the road 
     to Palermo at 150MPH.) 


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