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Re: The Rapp on exhaust

>  Well, I remain unconvinced. I can see how retaining heat before the turbo
>  helps to generate more boost, I buy this argument, albeit possibly
>  cooking and cracking very expensive parts, so not for me. I can also see
>  how this would reduce under-hood temps and possibly engine inlet temps as
>  well, all very good too. This is why I wrapped the exhausts on the T/A,
>  and to help keep the interior cooler.
>  I still would like the techno-nerdy poop on how wrapping all the way to
>  the tailpipe helps in turbo applications. I guess I can see some small
>  improvement in exhaust scavenging effect on normally-aspirated cars by
>  keeping the exhaust velocity up.....
Why do you differentiate between a turbo and a non turbo glen?  After the
turbine the engineering app is the same

> though I really don't see how this
>  effect would help when "sucking" through a turbine. Please enlighten me!
The turbines are pushed not sucked similar to an airplane wing with a hi
pressure and low pressure of the wing......  The high pressure pushes the
wing to move the fan, the fan itself is only spinning as fast as the velocity
of the gas it doesn't push any air out (maybe in theory right at lift
throttle), so the principle of exhaust velocity stays the same, you want to
keep the heat up to keep the velocity up, get the gasses out ASAP =
>  I am genuinely interested in understanding the physics behind this. Can
>  you suggest a good technical book on this subject?
Let me ck my library for you......  I believe you can find most of this
theory in Tune To Win, if my memory serves correctly..............
>  -glen