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Re: Power lock woes on '88 5kCST...

On Mon, 23 Oct 1995, Chris King wrote:
> Well, it's me again, with another strange problem.  This one involves the
> lock on the passenger side front door.  My power lock mechanism works fine
> when I use the key or the inside lock on the driver's side, locking all the
> doors on the car plus the trunk.  I can also lock all the doors when I push
> the lock from the inside on the passenger's door.  The problem is when I
> use the key on the passenger's door, it locks/unlocks only that one door.
> It even feels "dead" without that vaccuum-assisted feel the other doors
> have.
> What might this be?  Could it just be a bad hose or something?
> Again, I will await someone's wisdom on this matter....    :)

I know the power vaccuum locks on my 87 Coupe GT only unlock all doors 
from the driver's side. The passenger side is just the passenger side... 
Although I thougt about getting a acuator from a drivers door to use in 
the passenger's side anyway I don't know if this will help you or not..

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