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Broken Ring

About the gent with the broken ring:
If it's only ONE cylinder involved, and if you're handy with 
tools, the repair isn't hard to do.  (Teardown - pull pan - remove 
piston - replace rings - put it back together.)  

Problems start with: the question -  Is the cylinder wall scored?  If so, 
replacing a ring won't fix it.  You'll need to at least hone and probably 
bore the engine, and replace the piston(s). I wouldn't do this to 
one, I'd do it to all pistons to maintain engine balance.   Actually, this is 
not technically difficult but it gets into full engine teardown, machine 
shop work, and $$$.

If you have ONE bad ring, maybe there are others??  Who knows......

Also - I have never had the pan off a 5-cyl series (which is what I 
think you had).  If it will come off IN the car, you could replace 
rings on one or all cylinders without pulling the engine.  If not, it 
has to come out.  

You'd probably better assess your mechanical ability and time 
available carefully before proceeding.  But also consider whether 
it's worth the $$ to have a great car back on the road, and AVOIDING 
the need to buy another at even MORE $$$$$$$.  Chances are that 
engine work is a better economic choice.

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