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Fonos / Bosal Muffler

Sorry about posting to the whole list but the fingers are quicker than the mind
9:30pm..... I blew away the e-mail before I could reply.....

anyway,  Miniven I tried Bosal parts on an 88 BMW 528e.

The pipe after the muffler hit the rear differential,  I took a ballpeen

Then once it was all together, it was about the same volume as the rusted out
original muffler !!!!!!! My wife wasn't real happy with it :-(

Ended up buying the BMW oem muffler from Beckers,  Much better quality and
nice and quiet.... unless of course you yanked it back to 2nd and trounced it
up to 5k rpm :-) ....... Honey, your not listening are you ? :-)  I miss that
car :-(

But I'll take the 89 100 Wagon with my 5 month old daughter any time :-)

Moral of the story ?  Not real impressed with Bosal.

Mike L,
89 100 (For Sale) looking for a V8 in the Mass/NH area.....
89 100 Wagon