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RE: Can't get outter CV joint off

I've removed about 10 outer CV joints from Audis and Volkswagons now.  
I don't remember any of them being easy to get off.  One technique that 
I have found very successful is to remove the drive shaft , set up a 
vice such that the shaft will slide through it freely, hold the shaft 
vertically with the outer CV on top, then bring it down quickly onto 
the vice.  This has the effect of hitting both sides of the joint 
simultaneously.  10 hefty wallops later, the joint comes off.  On the 
other hand, an hour of pounding with a 4lb lump hammer usually does the trick.

It might be a good idea to put some copper sheet on the vice jaws to 
protect the CV, but I have always found the CV components to be made of 
unbelievably hard metal (and usually scratch proof which makes marking 
them difficult).

Don Hoefer <hoefer@cary.eng.pko.dec.com> suggests:
>When you do get the joints apart, put some of the CV joint grease
>on the splines before you reassemble it.  This prevents this
>problem in the future.

This seems like a good idea, but it contradicts my Haynes manual which 
says all grease must me removed from the splines, and then a 6mm band 
of locking compound applied.  I have no idea why this is necessary, but 
it explains why the joints are so difficult to remove.  I have 
reassembled a few joints without the locking compound and done 60k 
miles with no problems.

1984 80q
1983 Avant