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Re: Hide Fud

> Ah-leather maintenance. Hide food is hard to find. I went to an auto
> upholster's. Charged me about 12$ for a jar. IT is for damaged or very dry
> THe best part of Eagle One: Little or no haze on the windows after.

For leather "food," I found there are some fine (and weird) products that 
are available at fine furniture stores. One such bizzare product is 
Cavo-Ox -- part of ingredient is cow spit... Although it smells 
god-awful, the treated leather interior does give the smoothness and that 
very-well-used-look shine after some use, and it does not give that 
slippery and sticky feel like Eagle One (which I also use often).

One possible difference between product for home use and for car use that 
I can think of is the UV protection. For brand-new cars, I would 
recommend the home leather care products. Eagle One is a fine product, 
and I found it can rejuvinate dry-looking leather works.

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