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91 V8 5-spd for sale

New member to this list (but long-time Audi Quattro owner) is selling a
member of the family:

BASICS:  1991 Audi V8 Quattro; pearl w/gray leather; rare 5-speed tranny;
54k miles; beautiful shape.  Very clean & well maintained (by me; or the
dealer if I didn't have the time).  Mobil 1 every 2500 miles; garaged &

- Stupid original front calipers replaced w/normal 200TQ calipers.  Also new
master cylinder.
- Rear muffler replaced.
- Odometer replaced; radio replaced (will Audi EVER get these right??)
- Recent new 02 sensor; spark plugs; brake fluid & coolant flushes; coolant
bar o-rings on each side replaced.
- Subframe bolts replaced (eliminates that hard-to-find 'wheel off-center'
- New Yoko AVS U+4's in January (stock BBS rims); new front wheel bearings.

BOTTOM LINE:  Great car.  5-speed is lighter and faster than auto and IMHO a
lot more fun to drive (I've driven both).  Debugged & dependable.  $21,900.
Need money to finally fulfill my Mopar Hemi dream (and I've still got old
reliable, the '88 90Q).  E-mail back to me at above address, or give me a
call at 301-921-4053 (after 7:30pm Eastern time; I'm in the Washington, D.C.

P.S.  Yes, I use caps in messages.  Anyone who has worked in computers a
long time (like me) when mainframes could ONLY use capitals still appreciate
upper/lower case!