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Re: Cheating the physics exam

> Secrets hardly, you want me to share my homework.........   BIG HINT:  Be
> very careful about any suspension pkg that lowers any audi (save new A
> series) more than 1".....  By 1.5 you are in some serious trouble.......

This is true of just about ANY car that uses McPherson struts ... unless it
was first designed for racing and then redesigned for the street, of course
(the original BMW M3 is a good example of this).  Tuning a suspension setup
properly is a lot like building a house-of-cards: if you get it correct and
the various tradeoffs balance out, the whole is greater than the sum of its
parts; if you don't, you can REALLY mess things up.  If you doubt this, get
yourself to an autocross event and watch the stock-class Camaros and Vettes
and Porsches outperform the modified ones, sometimes by sizeable margins...

The driver makes a difference, to be sure, but you'd be surprised how often
people spend LOTS of money in an effort to go faster only to end up slower!

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