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Euro front bumper?

      A friend of mine (I hope none of you have any problems with this) has a
5kCSTQ, and his front bumper was damaged recently.  He is going to replace it w
hen he repaints the car.  He is wondering if he can get a Euro-front bumper for
this car.  Is this available through Canada?....I think they had the Euro-model
s over there.  And, is this illegal?  He wants the shorter bumper with the inse
t turnsignals and fog lamps (built in).

     He is looking for a used one....preferably in perfect condition, but it's
color doesn't matter, since it will be repainted with the rest of the car.  Whe
re is a good source for finding such a part?....and how much would he expect to
 pay for it?  I think we have a few listmembers from Canada, and they might kno
w.  He already has the Euro-lights, and wants the Euro-bumper to go with it.  A
ny advice is appreciated.  TIA.