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Re: 4KS manifold bolts.

> Can anyone give me more information about the tendencies of the
> 84 4KS manifold bolts pulling out or shearing.  My car has a new head
> installed because of this...  Do all 4KS's have this problem, 
> or was it specific to certain years, heads, etc... Mine was manuf. 
> in Inglostadt (suprise huh?  )
> Sorry for the recent rash of questions, but My mother was thinking
> of buying an Audi and I wanted to clear a few things
> up before I recommended a model or year.   She definitely wants
> the 4000, not a Q, and doesn't want a 5000.  She said it reminded
> her of the old '61 Porsche driving days... *grin*

Mine's an '81, three studs broken, just had the head off it,
manifold machined etc. Didn't fix up the exhaust leak type sound the
thing has been making though...here we go again...


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