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NHIS weekend

Just thought I would pass on what happend this weekend at NHIS. 
The pro rally got cancelled due to lack of entrants, so we were sidelined 
on that one. My friend mark besso took HS honors in glen powells 84 
4000q, and FTD in the same car. I beleive glen came in right behind him.

So for all you nay sayers out there, a 'lowly' (no offense glen) 4kq took 
fastest time of the day, above all other classes. Which goes to show the 
car is competitive. Keep in mind it was someone elses car he drove, and 
he isnt too familiar with it!

Saturday night it rained like hell. Mark and I entered the TSD rally in 
the 20V. Thank god I had 1kw worth of hellas up front (Thanks again 
Jeff).  We finished 3rd overall and second in class (might have been 4th 
overall and 3rd in class, Ill have to look). And thats with no stopwatch 
onboard and forgetting 2 allowances. We did OK, but had a blast. Thats 
what counts. 

Saw some really nice cars there... a beautiful green/blue 90 QC, the 
A1QSHIP (whose is that again??), 83 TQC mars red (not mine) and a hornet. 
(just thought Id toss that in...)

Next event is Nov 4th in VT. email if anyone needs info on it.


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