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No Subject

Phil writes:

>	There is some confusion in the air!  the splines internal to
the outer cv joint are covered by the boot and held in place by the
circlip.  You wouldn't want to use locktite on those: never!
	The other splines are on the end of the cv joint; the one with
the threaded end.  There is a debate whether to use loctite on this
spot; I don't.<

I lubricate those splines too.  I believe that my Bentley manual says
to put MoS2 powder (which I have never found) on them.  I use MoS2
grease.  The axle nut is a lock nut and is approx 162 ft-lb torque.
There will be no play and it is not going anywhere.  Don't grease the
nut.  BTW, you cannot reuse the axle lock nut even with Locktight.  It
will come loose, I know.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe