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Re: Quattro debate

bellis@ensr.com sez:
>   I am not looking to run circles around Porsche c-4's or anything, but I 
> would like to have enough power to get out of my own way, and if possible, 
> take out a mustang or camaro on the way. ( hence I am considering the 200 
> Quattro, and buying a chip )                                           
>  Basically the benefits of the coupe are
>    1  20v engine  - torque sucks, but better HP, higher redline, no turbo lag
>    2  smaller     - less weight, less mass to accelerate, better cornering
>    3  a coupe     - chicks dig coupes

As the owner of a '91 coupe, I guess I should comment:

1) 20v engine is OK, but only "works" in a powerband of 3100-6200 RPM.
2) Maybe a smaller body, but the 20v 90 Q is lighter, though the Coupe is
geared better for acceleration.  Optimum may well be a 20v 90 Q with Coupe
gearing -- not infeasible.
3) 2 doors has its advantages!

>  Benefits of the 200
>    1  turbo engine - easily upgradible, don't have to take off 15% HP for     
>                      altitude
>    2. larger       - can put more stuff in it, Subwoofers, snowboards, crates 
>                      of beer, stuff..you know..
>    3. not as sporty - doesn't scream 'Arest me NOW!' to cops
>                     - doesn't scream 'race me!' at stop lights

1) Absolutely -- engine work to improve perf on the 20v coupe motor will
be a) very hard, and b) cost a small fortune.
2) Bigger is better?
3) The coupe has a very high stealth factor, too -- especially for a 2 door

I can't really comment on the 200 (never driven one), but I can say that the coupe
is a very nice all-around coupe.  The power is OK for a sports car (you definitely
won't blow away any of the cars you mention in a drag race, tho), and the
handling is very good out of the box.  In fact, it is very hard to improve on
the out of the box car overall -- any improvements are going to come at the
expense of something else.

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