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Dealers (was Re: ??)

After years of sacrifices to the mightly Audi Gods,
I will continue to do so...

First, not all auto manufactures are willing to carry parts for their
older cars. Inventory costs a lot.

Imagine asking the dealer for a part and the reply is "we don't stock
that part." You say "just special order it". The reply is "[you moron]
it cannot be order period." So you go to the junk yard and that part
is stripped off every car! -> I've seen this happen. <-

My Coupe is 13 years old, and the smallest part has always be obtainable.
It may cost a lot ;-! but I can get it.

I beleive that Audi can do this because they reuse parts for YEARS and
on many different cars. This is not so for Hondas' or Toyotas'

Second, yesterday, I just walked into Tischer Audi (in MD), handed them
my old muffler, and said give me a new one for free! They pleasantly
said "yes, sir'.

Not many people know that all VW/Audi mufflers are guaranteed for life,
(this precludes the orginal muffler. You have to buy one from the parts
department).  If wears out, bring it back. You will get another one for
free. That's service!

Just wondering how many VW Rabbit parts go into my Coupe?