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I need a stud

Hey folks, what's up with the later model rubber valve cover gasket?  When
upgrading to the hydraulic head on my TQC, I decided to get rid of the
cork gasket in favor of the longer lasting rubber one.  When it came time
to start the engine, tons of oil started leaking from around the valve
cover.  Pulled the cover, and found that the studs had 2mm high shoulders
on them, and the rubber gasket had copper washer inserts around every stud
hole (the holes in the washers weren't big enough to go over the shoulders
on the studs) all of which just served to raise up the rubber gasket 2mm
above the top of the head.  You could litterally see daylight through it! 
No wonder it was leaking.  So, either I need a rubber gasket with bigger
holes in the washers, another rubber gasket 2mm thicher, or a new set of
studs with no (or thinner?) shoulders on them. 

So what's the scoop?  I've tried the dealership, Carlsen Audi, and Sport 
Wheels so far, and have gotten 3 different answers.  Does anyone know for 
sure what's up?

                                                         Dan Bocek