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Re: AUDI & Mercedes

On Wed, 25 Oct 1995 LToy@aol.com wrote:

> Keep in mind:  although Audi didn't use the 4 valve head until '91 (in the
> US) it was available earlier in Europe AND on the VW 1.8 4cyl motor starting
> in '87 (Scirocco).  In other words, an "early" multi-valve motor.  My folks
> had an '88 GLI, 1.8L 16v--yes, the stereotypes do apply.  Remember that VW
> "announced" that motor in '85 or '86 and took awhile to get the "features"
> (no torque, among others) out.

the original 16V scirocco/golf gti had catalysed and dirty versions, with
a big difference in output and torque curves.. 139 vs. 123 bhp.  i think
the dirty version also had a better torque curve.
> >according to performance car, the current 4 valve head found in all
> >audis and VWs came from the 306bhp sport quattro. 

> Ummm...the sport quattro I saw (Larry Vollum's, Portland, OR) has a very
> different head from that in the current VWs and Audis.  I believe one cam is
> driven by a toothed belt (like ours) but the second cam is gear driven from
> the first, instead of a chain.  Also, the head has mechanical lifters.

perhaps some of the details are different, but i've seen it mentioned
more than once in different rags that it is the same head..  on the
S4, PC says that the head is identical down to the valve dimensions
but milder cams are used.

>  And...the original VW/Audi 4 valve street motor was not force-fed--just a
> bit small and it revved high (7200 redline in the Jetta).  Though I never
> drove one, I understand the 2.0L 16v ('91 VW GTI/GLI) motor was much improved
> in these respects.

i wouldn't call it a big difference, but it was noticeable.

>  Just imagine if Audi had taken the 2.0L 16v I4 motor and
> made it into a turbo 2.5L 20v I5--I can see 250hp as the starting point, and
> by the time Ned finished with it...oh never mind.

there is a 2.5 liter 5, it is found in the current vw eurovan.  but it only
has 110 bhp.  i think audi may have ditched the 5 a little prematurely.
they should have had the hot v6 ready to go before ditching the 5.