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Re: Eibach ad

 glen.powell@smc.com observes:

 Gl> As part of the "marketing-slime" establishment I too would like to
 Gl> comment on the Eibach "cool/uncool" spring ad. There are a LOT of
 Gl> "gold-chain set" types out there that wear their bimmers as one
 Gl> would wear a piece of jewelry. The advert in question is targeted at
 Gl> this group and I believe the ad is very effective. From the number of
 Gl> bimmers, lexi, crapuras, etc out there and looking at the types of
 Gl> people that buy and drive them it is plain to see that they FAR
 Gl> outnumber the few true automobile enthusiasts and techno-weenies (of
 Gl> which I am one). The ad is very effective for the targeted (read
 Gl> large majority) market. 
 Gl> NOI,

     You hit the nail right on the head! Yesterday I was looking
     at (laughing actually) at a chopped BMW 320, the top had so
     much slop in it that it probably could never be driven in
     the rain, the body was sagging, it had the chrome/gold plated
     wheels, flourescent paint job (including bumpers, door handles
     etc.), and a continental spare tire holder on the trunk with a
     huge BMW typography on it. I could go on, but I sense some
     on here might not have a strong enough stomach.

     I spoke to the owner (who thought I was admiring this post
     partum abortion of his) and he just couldn't understand how
     anyone could own a car like mine. (1990 pearl V8)  "Man, like
     you gets no flash from that, you should at least get yourself
     a Benz for that kind of money. Everybody be up on a Benz."  If 
     there is a God in heaven, one day I'll pass this guy on the 
     highway, during a thunderstorm with crosswind and enjoy the 
     sideshow this thing must be when driven.


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