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Re: the state of audi (was Audi A4 Power

  I believe each engine/chassis combo must be crash tested and EPA tested,
  so it's not as simple as dropping an approved engine from one car into
  another chassis. Also, many top-end BMW and MB models are NOT available
  here, though this is starting to change slowly, but we still get a wimpy
  M3, few AMG models, etc, etc. Also, I don't blame the gummint directly,
  it's our own fault. We have only ourselves to blame for allowing this
  state of affairs to develop and continue. Car emissions cost/benefit has
  long since passed the point of diminishing returns. This crap about ZEVs
  really kills me too! They're NOT ZEVs, they're just REMs. (Remote
  Emissions Vehicles) Yeah, that's the ticket! We'll pollute someone else's
  state with natsy high-sulphur coal emissions, yeah!