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Need wheel offset for 92' 100

Hi guys,

Can someone please tell me what's the wheel offset and bolt pattern
for the 92' 100? I just bought a 92' 100, the base model with only 
steel rims and wheel cover. I am thinking about getting a set of 
16' rims for it but I don't know the offset for it. What's the widest
rims and tires combination will fit this car? I am not thinking about
lowering or making any changes to the suspension yet since it only
has 23.5k miles on it :) 

I know there's alot of debate on all seasons tires in these group a while
back. I just need to ask again about the Yokohama AVS U+4, are they really
decent in snow? Any other recommendation? I really need good wet traction,
I live in Seattle and occasionally I drive up to Steven Pass where I will
encounter snowy condition. 

What kind of performance mods are available out there for 100 V6?

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