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89 200TQW For Sale

Hi Everybody,

Remember that post I sent about the 89 200TQW for sale ?  Well here are the

1989 200TQW Grey/Grey leather, heated seats, computer, 92k Miles, Car originally
from Maryland, now in Florida, soon to be in NH...... Has all Service Records
from new,
1 owner, 4 new tires,  The contact is Richard Barnsley at Auto Imports Unlimited
1-800-624-2880  he is going to be asking $12,900.- His contact in Florida says
the car
is in excellent condition.  Judging buy the excellent condition of the Saabs he
sells, it
probably is.....

The only affiliation I have here is that he is looking for a V8 for me :-)

There ya go....

My the Audi Gods give everybody trouble free Holidays!!!!

Mike L.