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Re: 3rd brake/power locks

> 1) my wifes 80Q has a few bulbs burned out on the third brake light. Any 
> hints I should know about?

I found it was very easy to remove the bulb unit on the '88 5kW (there are 
release tabs on each side of the holder), but it was an absolute bit** to 
get the thing back in there and have all of the lamps properly connected.  
The problem was due to the angle at which the bulb unit had to be inserted 
and then rotated into place.  The bulbs had a flash-bulb style plug (... I 
know ... what's a flash-bulb ... yeah, I'm old enough to remember them) that 
didn't provide a very positive connection.  Perseverence overcame ...
> 2) My 90Q has the autmatic door locks...i.e. when you lock EITHER of the 
> fronts, it locks them all. Today I had people in the car, and when we all 
> got out, my front passenger decides to lock his door (hey, he drives a 
> chevy...) and it locked ALL MY DOORS! Of course my keys were still 
> dangling from the ignition. For the first time in my life I accidentaly 
> had a spare set in my pocket. LUCKILY!! But it sure made me think!!
> Can I disable that side?

... dodged that bullet, eh?

... I'd imagine that all it would take would be disconnecting the electric-
al circuits to the switch.  You might want to only disable the locking 
circuit, which would allow you to unlock all doors from the passenger side.
I find that I often unlock the car from the passenger door ...
> Bonus question:
> Getting the UrQ emissions tested next week, and it has the cam tooth 
> advanced one.  Should I write off all hopes of passing?
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! ... That's a good one!  Really, as 
long as you've got a working cat and have done a tune up you're prolly
in good shape.  You might want to try one of those pass or don't pay
spots first JIC.  I would imagine that you guys already are using oxygen-
atedfuel this time of year ... when I got my qtc smogged a few months ago 
I made a point to stop by a Union 76 station (which sells the s**t year-
round) ... it might be worth a little margin.  My cam timing is stock, 
but with all that I described I passed with plenty of margin ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)