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Re: Interior lights on the blink

>Can anyone offer me a clue as to the workings of the interior lights in my
>'87 5000S?
>They are supposed to come on when the doors are opened and then go out
>automatically after a short time or when the engine is started or the doors
>are locked.  
>Lately they stay on all the time.  ALL interior lights seem to be affected.
Been there, 875kCSTQ, the first thing I eliminated from the system was the
switch just in front of the Sunroof. Should be a three position switch,
lights on all the time, off, lights on only with door open. I had to
dismantle my switch and clean contacts a couple of years ago. That corrected
my problem for a few years,the next problem was one of the 4 door switches
was falling apart inside the door column and was shorted closed. Indicating
for the lighting system that there was still a door open.
Bentley's were a great help.

Michael Ryan
Ryan Computer Services