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Re: What's an Ur-q?

In your message dated Friday 27, October 1995 you wrote :
>   Excerpted from the QUATTRO SPECIAL issue of VW/Audi Car Magazine,
>   October, 1995.

>   satisfactory, you are very aware of the rake of the screen.....Press the
>   clutch pedal and you find that it requires a substantial amount of
>   muscle.....

Hmmmm... I've read this article and don't agree with that bit. My UrQ required
an evil amount of pressure on the clutch pedal until the release bearing
stuck on the shaft. One rebuild later (large sacrifice to AudiGods) and the
pedal action is *very* light.

>     As you drive away for the first time, you begin to realise the magic of
>   the Ur-quattro. Its stance is low and wide and this is translated into a
>   degree of stability which is quite outstanding. The centre of gravity is

>   a week with this particular car taught us an important lesson: no other
>   Audi has ever given us so much driving pleasure. You can put aside your
>   RS2.....

>   What they said!

... And they were right! :-)

But other things bugged me - how can pressing just ONE button to
switch the display from mph to kmh be complicated? How easier could
it be?

Drew Faulkner
...Monitoring the progress of freshly painted walls...
FST UK Group - Automation and Control Engineering
               Aviation and Avionics
'87 UrQ