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remote door locking question '87 5kSQ

Greetings fellow Audiphiles. Been lurking here about eight months and really 
find the list useful.

I want to use my Radio Shack alarm remote control to lock/unlock the doors. 
The alarm control provides +12V and dry switching circuits which I've tried 
like heck to make work with the pneumatic motor under the back seat. I've 
already RTFM, yet Bentley doesn't seem to show the same circuit as is in the 
car... 10 blown fuses later, I still can't it to work properly.

Anyone do this before? Help!

BTW: When my heater blower stopped working, I noticed a bunch of built-up 
crud around the exposed brush. I sprayed a large amount of contact cleaner in 
their and, voila!, it's been running fine for two years @ 166,000 original 

Et, pour monsieur Denis Larocque <denis@ic-net.net>, bonjour et bienvenue au 
Quattro List. Aussi, votre anglais et plus meilluer que mon francais!