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Re: 100 convertible spotted...

> canvas top sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store.  I assumed it was
> a fake (like those pseudo-convertibles Lincolns & Cadillacs that seem to be
> everywhere) but on closer examination, it proved to be REAL!  The owner was
> nowhere to be seen so I didn't get to question them but I'm curious to find
> out more about who's doing this and how much it costs since my parents have
> been talking about getting a convertible but can't bring themselves to sell
> their '91 100 (Yes, they FINALLY paid me for it!).

I suppose with enough $$$, ASC (or whatever the name is) will 
convertablize almost any car in existance. They're the one who has done 
similar job on Toyota Celica, Mitsu 3000GT, etc.

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