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Re: Rofren Pads???

In a message dated 95-10-29 11:44:52 EST, you write:

>Prices seemed quite reasonable at $34 for the fronts, and $29 for the 
>rears for my UrQ. Apparently they are just for audi. (??)  Hell, even if 
>they suck, whats $34!!??

If they suck and you hit a wall ( ooooh nooo  :-o ), you won't be able to
enjoy the money you saved!! The hospital/funeral expenses will more than make
up for it!!!  :-)

Seriously, though, can't help you here. But I would also like to hear the
feedback, for when the day comes that I need to change my brakes. I have
heard that Repco is the best so far. Agree? I haven't tried them yet either
(in fact, I haven't had to do my brakes yet.)

Also, I have another question to add to this (while we are talking brakes):
A service manager at a tire center told me that Audi rotors can't be turned;
that they HAVE to be replaced. Anyone else hear of this? (I have a '92 100S).

                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S

"A ccelerate U nless D eath is I mminent