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Re: More Antifreeze

> I think that the Sierra product uses propylene (sp?) glycol as opposed to
> etheylene glycol. If the product is pure propylene glycol, it is safe to
> ingest. However, it seems like there must also be additives that wouldn't be
> safe.>
> I thought that propylene glycol was only usable in high flow, non-pressurized
> systems...?
I was working at NAPA on Saturday, and had a guy come in to buy some
antifreeze.  "You guys carry Sierra?"  "No sir, we carry this NAPA crap, I use
it in all my cars."  "Good thing.  I've put Sierra in three cars, and each car
blew a water pump three weeks after I put the stuff in."
Does this have anything to do with the propylene glycol business?  I'd never
heard anything about Sierra, good or bad, so maybe this guy just had bad luck?

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