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Re: Rofren Pads???

Hairy green toads from Mars made JGriffJ@aol.com say:
> In a message dated 95-10-29 11:44:52 EST, Bob D'Amato wrote:
> >Prices seemed quite reasonable at $34 for the fronts, and $29 for the 
> >rears for my UrQ. Apparently they are just for audi. (??)  Hell, even if 
> >they suck, whats $34!!??
> If they suck and you hit a wall ( ooooh nooo  :-o ), you won't be able to
> enjoy the money you saved!! The hospital/funeral expenses will more than make
> up for it!!!  :-)
> Seriously, though, can't help you here. But I would also like to hear the
> feedback, for when the day comes that I need to change my brakes. I have
> heard that Repco is the best so far. Agree? I haven't tried them yet either
> (in fact, I haven't had to do my brakes yet.)
> Also, I have another question to add to this (while we are talking brakes):
> A service manager at a tire center told me that Audi rotors can't be turned;
> that they HAVE to be replaced. Anyone else hear of this? (I have a '92 100S).

About the pads:

I've never heard of Rofren, so I can't comment on their quality. About
their price, the Repco Deluxe Organics (just about as good as the MM's)
were only about $40 or $45 from Imparts. I have them in my '89 100Q, and
swear by them. I can't wait for Angela's pads to wear so I can put them
in there, too.

About the rotors being turned:

Stock rotors have something like 15 mils between "new" and "minimum"
thickness. Turning typically takes 10 mils off. (NOTE: number are for
illustration purposes only; I don't remember actual figures). So,
if they haven't taken too much wear, you really can get away with turning
them once. But, as others have pointed out, thinner rotors heat up
faster, stop slower, and warp easier. So, for the few $ they cost,
I replace them.

With a set of Repco Organics, they should last years.


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