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Re: the listmeister is a read Q-head

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Dan Simoes wrote:

> - took out the seats (front and rear), vacuumed up all the interesting
> stuff like coins, etc.  Found a huge nest of ants under the carpeting
> and noticed the front insulation under the carpet at the passenger's
> feet is wet (not sure why yet).

My jetta did this when I first got it home.  There are plastic seals 
behind the door panels.  Mine were riped and allowed water to drip 
through the panels and into the car.  Its about $100 parts and labor at 
the dealer to fix (ouch)
> - the front speakers are molded in with the covers.  Is there a stock
> replacement for the covers that allows you to use a different 
> speaker?  If not, anyone know of a decent stock-looking cover?

IF the speakers are like my dad's '85 4k, I strongly recomend leaving 
them in there and disconnedting them.  The largest speaker you can get in 
there is a 4", and the underside of the dash doesn't make a very good 
enclosure.  You'd be better off getting larger speakers (or a component 
set preferably) and installing them in the doors.  Its much too difficult 
to remove the stock speakers.  You have to do it from underneath and 
literally cut them out if you want to keep the stock grills.  Audi didn't 
make these cars for audiophiles 8^)

Adam Dieckerhoff
Pacific Lutheran University