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RE: Rofren Pads???

>	First, I know nothing about Rofren carbon pads, but a member of the 
>QCUSA is selling all four of his wheels from their Audi (?) claiming Cool 
>Carbon pads ruined them and he needed another set. At least that's how I
>the ad. How could carbon brake pad destroy his wheels??!! Did they discolor
>the Pearl paint( if he had pearl wheels) or generate so much heat they
>the wheels??  Go figure...I'll reread the ad when I get home, maybe I read

I find it hard to belive that the carbon pads could ruin the wheels 
finish.  I have the Cool Carbons and they have yet to cause any problems 
with my wheels finish... Now maybe it was the wheel cleaner that he was 
using.  But the carbon dust is pretty inert, compared to the pretty 
corrosive cr*p that comes off of most Semi-Metalic pads.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com