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Re: brake parts is parts

In a message dated 95-10-30 13:06:19 EST, you write:

>  GUYS! Let's not get *too* carried away about slammin' the MM pads!
>  The MMs are great on the street, WAY better 'n stock and also very
>  affordable, IMFO. No need to go to trick megabuck carbon pads on the
>  street. Remember, most on this list are not racing their Audis, let's not
>  default to recommending TRS (Trick Racing Sh_t) for people that ask about
>  better'n stock pads for their street-driven 5000S, etc, or at least
>  qualify the recommendation as TRS.
>  -glen

Well glen, I must disagree that they are better than the stock pads.....  The
Sledgemasters leave lots of pieces of pads parts on the rotor when the wife
does something like ride the pedal then put the E-brake on.....   So add the
set of rotors when you get the MM.....  And the CCarbons don't seem that
expensive......  Plus you have that ceramic heat barrier, vital when using
the single pots.......  And a good set of cross drilled rotors with the CC
will outlast the MM on the street beyond the 2 set to one ratio.....

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