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Re: Are Studded Snow Tires Overkill on a Quattro?

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Greg Koehler wrote:

> I have an Audi 80 Quattro.  I need to get snow tires for the ski season 

>Do they 
> come in handy on the ice?


>  Do they create lots of interior noise?  

depends on what kind you buy.  pirelli 210's (not studdable) are just
very slightly louder than regular snow tires.  i have some very agressive
rikens on my v8 with deep square blocks and they are noisy.

> you have to drive significantly slower on dry roads? 

if it is not snowing, i take them off.  the few occasions that i use it
in the dry i tend to keep it below 70 on the sweepers.. on the straights
maybe below 85.  i don't drive these speeds a lot.. i am mentioning them
as an upper limit for what would feel "safe".  these are my hard core
snow tires, studded and T rated.  definitely very single minded in
its mission.

the pirellis on my corrado can handle anything.  they are great except
on ice.

> Or is it plain 
> overkill?  If it weren't for the fact that many times, traction devices 
> are required on mountain passes (meaning studs or chains) I probably 
> wouldn't bother.  I hate putting on chains.  Thanks.

studded snow tires on a quattro transforms it into a virtual tracked
vehicle in the snow.  i can't even spin the wheels or lock the brakes
(abs disabled).  the peace of mind and confidence is easily worth
the 5 to 700 bucks for a set.  besides, around here it gets icy,
so i really do need it on mine..

but nobody should be satisfied with being just past the point of
adequate.  how about safety margins for unexpected encounters?