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Re: TQC Filters, and ummmm.. thing

     P.S. I won't beat a dead horse with the multi grade tutorial, you've
got them already.  Two basic points however are your relatively low weight
oil and theory of viscosity. 
     I believe viscosity is like your adhesion coefficient, the ability to
stick to and protect the load bearing surfaces, (Claims of no measurable
loss of viscosity at high temps is not the same as saying oil pressure will
be a constant at all operating temps!)   
     Your oil pressure drop when temps increase is  as normal as the change
in maple syrup from the bottle to hot pancakes or crushed snow. (obligatory
N.H. Reference)  If you really want a heart attack, take a car like
my/Glens big block for some hot laps and then to a dead stop and track the
oil pressure, not for the faint of heart!  I believe Audi says anything
above 1 bar at idle is ok and should be 5 bar at 5k RPM, hell I've had some
U.S. iron that stated low oil warning light was ok at a stop sign as long
as it went out under acceleration.  A 5-50 synth should keep your idle
press at 2bar and  5bar at 3K RPM my esperience.