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Re: MM - good tall tales

>Really now?  At 170k those MM must be something.....    And that would be
>"normal" driving I'm sure........  Is this 170k as in 170,000 miles?  You
>certainly deserve an award or a bonk on the head.....  


Well, I own the car now and it's gone over 175k miles (yes, thats 175,xxx miles) and
those MM pads are still in there. (bonk away...)  I wouldn't want to put a micrometer
on the rotors but there still IS pad left and the brakes work great !   Driving style
does make a huge difference and I agree it is hard to beleive any pad could last this
long but this "tall tale" is for real.... really.

Oh by the way, original clutch too. Weird...

I hope I don't regret this post, if you know what I mean...  wink, wink.