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you don't want to know

I can't believe this car.  Where to start complaining?
The nest of ants under the carpet?  The fuel filter held on
by wireties, resulting in a ruptured fuel line when I changed
the filter?  The mess of wires under the dash (couldn't have just
been a bad bulb, nope).  No, the winner is the missing FI computer
fuse and overtweaked mixture.  After put-putting up and down my
street for hours and replacing everything in sight, the darn thing
still runs like crap.  It's getting flatbedded to the Bosch repair
shop on Thurs, since the Audi specialist can't see it until
Tuesday, unless my pal can swing by the house tonight or tomorrow.
Oh, and the water pump is spraying coolant now.

"You *chose* to buy this car?!?" uttered by the incredulous gas
station mechanic as I walked in begging to borrow a spark plug
wrench and rag...

At least it looks nice sitting in my driveway :|

| Dan |
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