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RE: Rofren Pads???

>	Well, I remembered to bring in the new "Quattro Quarterly" with the ad
>from the guy trying to BUY a set of OE 15" wheels because he claims Cool 
>pads ruined his original set. Here's what his says: "Wanted: O/E standard
>mag wheels for 5000CS Quattro, in excellent condition only, to replace mine
>destroyed by Cool Carbons. Lots of you have replaced the O/E's. Where did 
>go? Rick Venino (NJ). 201/861-0100, Eastern business hours."  Are any of you

>near this area code? If so could you give this fellow a shout and find out 
>the Cool Carbons destroyed his wheels; I'm probably not the only one who 
>like to know the answer to this one!!

Thanks but I'm in the Midwest, St. Louis to be exact.  Who do we have in 
the NJ area that can go and look?


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com