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My address is autotronic@aol.com, sorry...

>Glad to see your introduction to the Quattro list!
>But since you prompted for auto electronics questions, here's one:
>How come no one makes a DAT car stereo head unit?
>I mean, we've got minidi$k, CD, cassette, cassette w/CD controls, etc., but
>no DAT.  With smaller and more durable cassettes, DAT is better suited to cars
>than standard cassettes.  And the blanks are far, far cheaper than minidi$k
>blanks.  Not to mention that they do not use the lossy compression scheme of
>minidi$k.  And DAT cassettes are more durable, more storable, and all around
>more convenient than CD's.  So what gives?
>-frank, who is looking at a new car stereo for his '91 Coupe Quattro, and is
>not very happy with the prospect of installing CD.

Sony, JVC, Alpine, Kenwood and others offered DAT head units throughout the
80s but they did not sell.  MD isn't selling well now either, and CD has
become very good.  If you look hard enough, you can locate a DAT deck,
typically gathering dust on a backwater dealer's shelf.  In AUTOtronics, I
posted a nletter for someone seeking a DAT deck and he was successful.

INMO, the best solution, certainly the most versatile, would be to pick up a
Panasonic AM/FM/CD with a front panel jack for a portable CD or MD or DAT.
The Sony portable DAT recorder is great and could easily suit  a need for
digital recording and playback.  With the pront panel mini jack on the
Panasonic CD, you would have ne necessary system controls and amplification
required, plus have a damn great portable to jog or ride your bike with.

Hope this helps,