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RE: Stereo upgrade

I missed the start of this thread but I do know that you DON'T have to 
remove the dash to replace the front speakers. (At least I didn't in my 
'86 4KCSQ) Here's what you do:

1) On the drivers side remove the "cubby hole" under the dash. (4 screws)
2) On the pass. side remove the glove box (about 6 screws I think)
3) carefully pry out the vanes from the air vents directly under the 
   speakers (refer to Bentley if you have one, it's a cinch anyway).
4) Remove the air ducts that go to the vents. There are four "clips" that 
   hold it in the dash (one in each corner of the vent opening), the other 
   end is just press-fit into the hose that delivers the air. Loosen the 
   duct from the hose underneath the dash then hold the four clips back and 
   pull the duct out through the dash.
5) Now you should be able to get at the speakers. There are two screws 
   that hold each one under the dash. Remove them, disconnect the wires and 
   lift the speaker out through the top. 

Voila! You should be able to get them out in less than half an hour. The 
hard part is holding all four clips back on the air duct while trying to 
pull it out of the dash (an extra set of hands might help).

The next challenge is how to fit your new speakers into that crazy 
plastic thing the originals are encased in. I made a bracket to hold the 
new speaker. Then I cut the grill off the old one and rubber cemented it 
into the dash. Looks like OEM and I'll be able to remove them if I need to.

Good luck!
-- Peter
-- pet@vlsi.bu.edu
-- ptengstr@acs.bu.edu