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Re: stalling 4000 when coming to a stop...

> >>More serious is the second problem. Aprroaching a stop light, de-clutching
> >>the gearbox, the car wants to stall.  The RPMs drop virtually to zero, and
> >>I've already gotten into the habit to blip the gas pedal.  I don't know when
> >>the car last received a tune up, but again, before bringing it in, I thought
> >>that I'd ask members of the group if that had experienced anything similar
> >>and what was done to solve the problem.  
> >--------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >Richard:
> >
> >I believe that your problem is due to a defective/dying idle stabilizer.
> >It should be connected to your throttle body.  First make sure that
> >its connected. If it is, then remove it, take it apart (basically its
> >just a solenoid operating a plunger) spray the inside of the plunger
> >with carb cleaner.  Lubricate the shaft of the soleniod with silicone
> >lubricant or lithium grease.  re-assemble.  

Also could be caused by a vacuum leak in that mess of hoses connected to
the idle stabilizer, valve cover, vacuum booster, etc.  Try spraying some
water on these, see if it doesn't cut the idle down even more.

BTW, the best way I've found to check whether the injector seals and seats
are leaking is also to spray some water on each one while the engine is
running, and watch the rpms.

> >
> >I HIGHLY recommend that you get a copy of the Bentley Manual for your
> >car, especially if you are going to do alot of your own work.
> >
> >There are a number of WWW pages for Audi, including  Dan Simoes (the list
> >master) and Bob Damato's ( you can find the addresses through Yahoo or
> >Webcrawler by searching under "quattro".
> >
> >Good Luck and Welcome to the List!
> >
> >Peter Schulz
> >1990 Coupe Quattro
> >Schulz@ed.ray.com
> >
> I am printing this out.
> I already obtained the Haynes manual for the 4000 (no Quattro info).
> Thanks for the help.  Like the Fiero group, this is a great list and am sure
> that it will make owning and driving the car better.
> BTW, any other list members in NM, Albuquerque?
> Thanks,
> Rich